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American Classic EyeBrow (ACE)

Dear Queen,

I've learned how to draw an american classic eyebrow. It's not easy actually. Theory ok, but practical need more practise.

Steps to draw ACE
1. Draw the Inner line, followed by Center and Outer line
2. The get the outher line, measure between inner and center line, if there are 2cm, the distance between center and outer line shall be 2cm as well.

3. Draw the lower lid line and upper lid line, same goes to brow line. To get brow line, have to measure distance between lower and upper lid line. To get the arch peak line, take the same measurement for the brow line. Lastly to get the arch base line, between brow and the arch peak line, divide by 2 and the line shud be in the center of brow line and arch peak line.

Here there goes:


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