Thanks to all my girls for attending this workshop! For those who missed this session, here we come again in this coming December! Check it out at my facebook page!

Group photo

I'm Back!

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Hello girls!

I'm back from loooonngg holiday! The best time ever! I miss Europe! and now back to work, back to reality....but, I'm really looking forward for next make up class! For those already registered, see you on 25th. Can't wait!!!

Buying TF lipstick!

MAC London (expensive! *wink*)

Fazyra & Ghaffar solemnization at Bandar Tun Razak. My make up for the ceremony right after my long holiday. Picture a bit blur, because I'm using camera phone! Sorry yeah!

And this is Hazuin (we share the same name: Awin :p). My make up for her wedding (majlis bertandang) at Ijok, Sg Buloh. Congrats all and thank you!

MMA is going for backpacking!

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Istanbul, Rome, Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, Brussels, London....wait for me!
27 days to go and keep counting!

2.30 in the morning! hey am updating my make up job on last 2 months. Totally forgot to update this, my bad... we did it in Genting Highland...kinda busy lately with with my new job at the office...the trip together with Caron and the coolest make up buddies ever!

introducing...make up artists.
from left olivia, me,caron, pip & connie..having fun while waiting for all the models...

We have to do our job outside while waiting the room ready...picture with Pip's first victim! more to come...hehehe...

my first "victim" doing man make up!

the second make up...

my third victim..are you ready girl? i like her...easy to make up coz she has masculine features on her already...

draw thick eyebrow, more shading...

almost done!

and we done...tadaaa...while the rest were busy doing their make up and hair.

Busy...busy...till then...chow! see ya~

;-) the journey...

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You have the power to create your own MASTERPIECE - Scott Barnes

Honestly, I'm not that experienced enough in organizing any events before. But when it comes anything about make up, especially in handling make up class, I'm so excited to meet people! I don't want make it this class too formal (which i hate it), I wanna fun! fun! fun! Thank God, AyangKamell agreed to be my guest make up artist as make up instructor for second time. Fuuh~~ It was great experience to work with pro-make up artist, pro-photographer and all the participants. Trying my best to make this class as fun as I can...the most fun make up class party with Green Theme ever!!! Oh yeah, my ladies...please don't leave the the knowledge behind, grab & learn, practice, practice & practice...

Oh my...I've been busy with my daily job, at the same time busy planning and searching for better place to organize class. I found and think this studio will end my searching. Perfect place for me!

Frustration comes a week before the course. Few people last minutes canceled their participation. But I managed to get the replacement. Yehooo!!! Hip hip hurray:-) and make it 10 back!!!
Thank you so much to my main sponsor, my dear Clarence a.k.a my salsa mate, for the goodies!!! SIMPLE>Cleansing Facial Wipes: No1. UK Cleanser Brand- Appreciate & like it so much!!!!

Been looking for certificate paper, the design, there you go...printing has been done and ready!!! I'm so excited yo!
My happy face!!! Everything went smoothly...
and yes...(read more...)

I cook for them and ordered the best satey in town (Zaini's Satey). Went shopping after work and preparing all the ingredients day before and make sure everything in order.

and the class breaking session...look, all my girls comes in GREEN! lol~
demonstration...and I'm busy snapping pictures!

Finally, group photo. Thank you all for your support...till we meet again next time. Credit to Photo Signature for the lovely studio & group photo! Thank you guys, thank you for coming!~

Love, your party planner;

MMA went holiday~~

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MMA & crew went to Penang to relax and have fun!

Jet-Ski anyone? :P


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Thank you Vanessa + Chris! I've received your invitation far from Oxford. Can't wait for the hand & face painting for the kids! See you in August at your wedding!!!

make up class

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The 2nd Make-up Workshop & Party is back.....

...again, Ayangkamell has confirmed us on his present..

Tas engagement 13/2

Ina Make Up for her sister wedding

My appreciation goes to Ayang Kamell as my guest make up instructor this time. Thanks for those who came and support this event. Hope to see more participants in my next make up class. Don't miss the opportunity, grab and learn as much you can! Here some pictures from the class.

Group photo.

Model before and after.

More photo in my facebook album. organizing make up class.

Date: 17th January 2010
Time: 10 am - 5 pm
Trainer: Ayang Kamell

Please contact me to book your seat. TQ