Thanks to BK coz gave us (pip and I) opportunity to do make up for her photoshoot last Saturday. It was fun and I did learn a lot. Thanks to Reza (photographer) for guiding us and share some experiences and knowlegde during the session. I will update of BK's picture as soon i get the copy of her gorgeous pictures.


Pix taken using my Nokia. This the only picture I got. Will update later.

We are about to leave yr 2007...

Day Make Up

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Model: EmyKuris...before transformation.

EmyKuris after make up....

Macam Chinese gurl pun ada...hmmm.. :P

Pose in different lighting

Kelasss ko nyahh! :P

Fashion Make Up

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This is fashion make up...."creative fashion make up"...we called it Whatever Make Up! Hehehe..this is our first time trying to create the creativity. Somehow in magazine, they're using this kind of make up to complement thier products (cloth/make up/etc). So interesting because its implement no rules and boundaries. Just draw and create! Be Creative!

Model-Connie Sim


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Hye guys,

Finally i got some little time and space to update the blog. Last week was not around KL and missed out some shading techniques tought by Mei Ling during class. But anyway i managed to catch up and did well yesterday . Cant wait for the next class which is the hair styling!


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Jacky before and after

Make Up in progress...

Note: This is not full make up. Only powder shading and lips.


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Model-Vicky Ong

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I believe that everyone posses their own unique beauty inside, and it is my passion to bring that to the eye....


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Hye...long time since my last update. Not much to write here because i can't get full access of the blog. My progress of make up class going well...Alhamdulilah. I can do full make up now (Day and Night make up), but still haven't learn how to do face and nose shading. Maybe it can be learnt in a month later. I can blend the foundation well based on skin color of the model and completely know how to put false eyelashes and how to blend eye color. The full make up (corrective)includes all steps starting with make up base, concealer, foundation, loose powder, eye colors, false lashes, eye liner, mascara, drop shadow, blusher, lip liner and last but not least...lip color. All these have to be matched each other to make the make up the model look nice and beautiful. :) A lots of thing needs to be updated, but i have not much time to spend time here blogging. Will update soon. Bye.


p/s: I wanna put some pictures! Ergh, can`t upload it now.

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Dear all,

I would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin....

Queen Awin.

Eye Colors

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Few types of eyebrow.

This is the result. I did 1-2-3 step. But it's look like Winged type of eyeshadow.

This is Half moon (eyeshadow)

My model, Jeamie (only the eyebrow, eye colors and liner). Also half moon, but the colors not to obvious. Time given only 25 mins.

I'm looking for model. Anyone interested?

p/s: ala..main make up2 je...hehe

Oh my dear Queen,

Terlalu penat, tak sempat nak update. Trip ke sana, ke sini...badan pun letih. Well, my make up class become more exciting. Dah cukup confident to apply make up to my classmates. And my feedback from the teacher..."not to bad, can be inproved"! :)

Last week, mei ling showed us how to draw eyeliner. Starting with straight eyeliner on top of the eye color, the liner can be extended to different kind of liners.

  • Natural Liner
  • Fashion Liner /Fashion Cat
  • Glamour Liner /Glamour Cat - very dramatic one.
Biasa lah, new thing yang kita tak pernah buat, mesti tak menjadi. Nak kena pandai cara yang betul nak pegang brush and how gently move the brush to the eye.

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Really hard to do the eyebrow. My eyebrow dah separuh botak...waaaa...But I love makeup!!!

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American Classic EyeBrow (ACE)

Dear Queen,

I've learned how to draw an american classic eyebrow. It's not easy actually. Theory ok, but practical need more practise.

Steps to draw ACE
1. Draw the Inner line, followed by Center and Outer line
2. The get the outher line, measure between inner and center line, if there are 2cm, the distance between center and outer line shall be 2cm as well.

3. Draw the lower lid line and upper lid line, same goes to brow line. To get brow line, have to measure distance between lower and upper lid line. To get the arch peak line, take the same measurement for the brow line. Lastly to get the arch base line, between brow and the arch peak line, divide by 2 and the line shud be in the center of brow line and arch peak line.

Here there goes:


Current mood: Puasa

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Highlighting and Contouring

Highlight - larger and pronounced (one tone or two tone lighter than the skin color)
Shading - to make the area smaller and recede (1 or 2 tone darker than the skin color)

*why highlight/shade? to balance and enhance our features

Where to highlight - T zone, undereye, brow line, side of the lip, chin (optional)
Where to shade - Hair line, hallow of the cheek, jaw line, side of the nose, crease line

Can use Powder (use brown color will look more natural and easy to touch up) and Cream (darkest color of the foundation, more lasting)

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Professional Class (Review *follow the step until from 1 to 13)
*not strike is the step for Straight Make up (Not a corrective make up).

1. Make Up Base
2. Concealer
3. Foundation
4. Loose Powder
5. Eye Brow
6. Eye Shadow/Drop Shadow
7. Eye Liner (Stright Liner)
8. Curl Lashes
9. Mascara
10. Blusher
11. Lip Liner
12. Lipstick
13. Powder

*note: Concealer-to correct make up

Skin Types (how to choose the correct Foundation)
1. Oily - Liqiud+ Cream. can be mixed to give better coverage
2. Dry - Liquid (more) + cream. To cover the pigmentation
3. Combination - Cream + Liquid
4. Sensitive - ask from Model if she has her own product, else can use liquid.
5. Normal - Liquid or tinted mosturizer

factors that caused our skin change:
1. External- Weather/environment, skin care routine (wrong skin care product), sun exposure
2. Internal - Hormone change, food intake, genetic, health problem, age


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Dear Queen,
Today gonna be my very tough day.

  • I can't sleep at all last night. Sigh.
  • I'm fasting.
  • Have to rush to Academi after work by 7pm.
  • Will participate for the Malaysian Salsa Marathon tonite 10pm at Impiana Hotel.

For sure, I will be Zombie Queen tonite!



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Lesson on 7/9

There are 2 types of Blusher:
1. Cream - more lasting and give natural look (apply before loose powder and after foundation)
2. Powder- easy to touch up

we can give 2 look:
1. Sophisticated look - apply not below than the nose, start from hair line and then cheek bone
2. Cute look

Night make-up - color shud be stonger
Bump-up - touch up from day make up become night make-up

*note: If the make up artist right handed, stand at Model's right.

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Dear Queen,

Me and my buddy decided not to drive to the Academi. There are few reasons , first thing is to avoid jam, to avoid the expensive parking rate (hourly rate), and to loose some KGs! Ni pun kira exercise jugak ni. So we decided to just walk from KLCC to Bukit Bintang and try to explore the fastest route to arrive Bukit Bintang. The first day we walked (with very leisure walk), it tooks 30 minutes to arrive Bukit Bintang. Ngam-ngam sampai kelas at 7pm. Keluar from Tower 1, jalan depan Mandarin Hotel, short cut into Crown Plaza Hotel and walked along Jalan Raja Chulan. Tomorrow we will try to use the Convention Center route..hopefully we can find the shortest route to access Bukit Bintang. Berat jugak beg ni hah!


Dear Queen,

Muka tak siap..

Today I've learned how to mix the foundation and to apply eye shadow. How to test the foundations color is suitable for our skin? The tips, test it at your jaw line...if it is match with your neck tone, then can proceed. The cream and liquid can be mixed together. Use the triangle sponge to apply make up base (long area) and foundation (short area). The direction when applying make up base and foundation from the sponge, it shud from up and down, from left to the right.

Next, apply the concealer using the brush. Put it into side of the nose & lips, then below the eye. Blend it together and last should be below eye area. And remember always tap and do it gently.

Apply the foundation using the short area of the sponge. note: if the concealer very light underneath the eye, can blend it with fondation (little bit dark)

Use the loose powder underneath the eye and roll in the powder gently. Remove access powder with powder brush. note: to check whether the powder is enough or not, there is no shine area. If yes, add the powder. Next, the eyebrow. Start at the arch area.

The EyeShadow.

Basically, there were 3 primary colors.

  • Blue [secondary color-Blue+Red=Purple]
  • Yellow [secondary color-Red+Yellow=Orange]
  • Red [secondary color- Yellow+Blue=Green]

Secondary color mixed with any 2 primary colors.

note: For the eye color, minimum can apply is 3 colors

  • First color - highlight (the lightest, apply it below the eyebrow to make the area bigger)
  • Second color - Medium tone (darker than highlight color, to create the contour)
  • Third color - Dark tone (must be darker than medium)

note: there were 3 types of eyeshadow which are, 1-2 step, 1-2-3 step, and half moon ( i like the half moon, will draw the pix next time)

tips: Use big brush to apply highlight, followed by small brush for medium and smalller for dark tone. Always flat the brush to make sure we can cover all the surface.


how to shape the eyebrow

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Dear Queen,

I'm too impassioned to start my lesson. In the beginning of the class, we were introduced by our teacher and the rest of the class. I got my own make up set. Yahoo!

My brand new make up set

Basic knowlegde of the Brushes
-Eyelash comb
-Spiral brush- to comb the eyebrow and lighten eyebrow color
-Smudger – to make the make up softer
-Sponge applicator – will pick up
-The eyeliner – will give more define line
-Lip brush
-The contour brush – for very small are (under eye)
-Eye shadow brush
-Fan brush – to remove access powder
-Powder brush

Basic Skin Care

There are several types of skin. They are normally:

  • Oily Skin - How to recognize? Open pores and pimples (yeah, it's me!) - shud use the oil free and alcohol product
  • Dry - Dry will be having problem like wrinkles - use creamy product
  • Combination - T-Zone Oily - use milky product
  • Sensitive - Redness - shud use medicated product
  • Normal - Baby skin, very smooth

3 Steps that you cannot skip:

  1. Clean
  2. Tone - to double clean your face
  3. Moisturizer - to lock your face from dry up
  4. Additional = sunblock - can use SPF 15 up to 35 (depend)

Interesting part:

  • Make Up Base - to prepare the skin before make up. They usually come in Purple (add glow and make skin more gradient), Green (can control redness especially for sensitive skin) and Skin Color (yellow and blue, lasting make up).
  • Foundation - liquid (don't cover very much-little coverage), cream (better, recommended for daily use), stick (the best/bery smooth but can cause skin very dry. Ok for stage performance)
  • Concealer - Liquid and cream (can be blended together) and stick
  • -note:always use light color first, easy to blend
  • Loose powder/Comoact powder - to set the foundation, loose more lighter than compact powder.

*note: Under tone colors (for asian skin) is Yellow under tone.
Today, we've learned how to shape our eyebrow. Uhh...mine...horrible! More practice next time!

First line is starting point, followed by arch point and ending point. But always remember to start at the arch point using the eyebrow pencil...(the most difficult part to do...better go to Bangsar and ask the Minachi to it for you, hehe)



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Dear Queen,

My make up class will officially start tomorrow.
Pip gave me this notebook as for my motivation to start the class...Million thanks!

MINDS are like parachutes-they only funtion when they're OPEN


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Dear Queen,

As for my preparation to my apa lagi, shopping laa...
Cleansing Wipes, Tissue, Cotton Bud, Curler..dan banyakkkk lagi...Macik sungguh excited ok! We went to BB Plaza Bukit Bintang and merembat sakan la. I got myself one bag to put in my make up accessories that only cost me RM35.

My happy face. Am back too back toooo schooollll.....


Hai, I'm back! Good news. I'm finally enrolled make up course last saturday with my buddy...pip. We are taking Diploma Course and require us to complete 180 hours in order to get the cert. Unfortunately, the class will only start on September. So we have to wait another one month. Tungggguuuu...

Meanwhile, I need to buy a notebook, pencil colours, tracing paper, rubber eraser, ruler, make-up pencil shapener...huhu...I'm back to school...

Went to Johor Bahru on last 17 June to make-up Mel for her prewedding photo shoot at Desaru. I'll post the picture later...


Make up by Awin Ibrahim, Photo by Izham

my colors

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the foundations

eye shadows and blusher
mascaras, brushes, lip gloss and lipstick
full set

Great! I bought eyeshadow brush and got 10% discount!

Hola...what a wonderful today. The traffic went smoothly, me enjoyed listening to bachata songs from my MP4 player. Feel like wanna dance but unfortunately...i'm driving. Good start of my day good friend of mine, izham (talented photographer) asked me if i'm interested to join his project next month. He will be the photographer of his friend engagement ceremony and need me to makeup his friend. Ok, this is a good start for me to expose myself and good business oppurtunity. It's gonna be at Johor Bahru. Better start now than do nothing.

Oh, by the way i'm looking forward to attend makeup class within next month. Excited! excited! excited!

Makeup Brushes

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As for a start, i need to buy my own collection of makeup brushes. I can be like a top makeup artist if I have good set of brushes, :) Hihi. Usually, poor quality blush brushes are usually too small and too coarse to enable me to properly apply makeup. So now, with limited bugdet, i better start with just three or four basic brushes, such as, powder, blush, eyeliner, eyebrow and shadow (good quality one). Then later i can add on from there. Hmmm...few options I have, either brush collection from MAC, BodyShop, Bobby Brown, or Clinique. Need to check and compare the price first.

It's important to keep the brushes clean from dirt and bacteria. Berus yang tak dijaga mmg senang kotor...lagi kalau biarkan dia terdedah without proper care. Sometimes ada juga mempunyai kulit muka yang sensitif, takut nanti timbul masalah lain pulak. Like myself, i do have sensitive skin. I need to frequently wash my makeup brushes and keep it clean. How to clean makeup brushes. Here are the the tips, wash your brushes regularly with a mild shampoo and warm water. Gently stroke the brushes in one direction to remove dirt and make-up, and then lay out on a towel to dry :)

(sorry, pictures taken using my Nokia phone. the images are quite blur)

My friend of mine, dedek. Feel extra confident accepting Dedek's request to do her during her engagement ceremony. The challenging part was at her eyes and of course eyebrow. Dedek wants only simple and nice makeup.

click to enlarge
I'm little bit nervous this time actually. yeah, i can say this is my first time seriously doing make-up for this kind of ceremony. Noreen is my friend of mine she was happy with my hand work. But i need to improve more on make-up techiques, especially how to apply concealer, foundation, powder, and how to make nose shading. Ffor time being, i still don't have full collection of make-up set. But only using my daily collection make-up wear to office. The most challenging was while doing her eye brow. Susah...kening berterabur. Took me half and hour to make her eyebrow nicely. Noreen, you so sweet and beautiful. I'm wishing for your joy and happiness with your fiance. Best of luck!

awin ibrahim

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Hai, thank you for visiting this blog - my first entry of my new blog. this blog mainly for my part-time bussiness. I'm doing makeup, and feel free to check out my website for my latest project.

If there are any inquiries, please do contact me at

Thank you for your kind support :)