Make Up Tips

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Some of you might don't know or afraid to play with colors, how to match with your dress and cloths. When it comes to choose the colors, all the make up on your face should match together.

Strictly don't try to match green eyeshadow with pink lipstick/ blusher because it doesn't.

This color wheel very much helpful! You can play with all the colors, but don't wrongly choose the color combination! Stay beautiful girls!

My weekend @ Taiping

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Nothing related to make up...just the to share some pictures my short weekend at Taiping. Taiping is simply such a beautiful place...Suitable for outdoor wedding photography. Anyone?

Taman Tasik Taiping
Sista, Nolin and me
My lovely sista...I love you...
Pictures courtesy of Azim Puchong - Wedding photographer.

I did the makeup for Thaifest print ads last few days together with my buddy pip. This is the talent for the photoshoot. I'm not pretty sure when this ads will come out and the details. By the way, it was fun!

Words of wisdom for the day

"Do what you can, with what you have,where you are."
Theodore Roosevelt

All photos courtesy of PiP.

there's another year...

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It's 7-11...and it's my birthday...Hoping that this coming year will bring lots of happiness... and the dreams will come true...

Lotsa love;

Hye gals, after long break from fasting month and raya, here some pictures from my latest job for my beloved cousin, Ayong...

Ayong before make over.

And then..after the make over.

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. Some pictures taken using my camera phone due to malfunction of my digital camera...*so sad! But girl, I'm happy for you. Selamat Bertunang! :)

Happy Holiday

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To all my muslim friends and readers,




Description: The creation is about the Begining of day and night. The blue, white, and green represents day, clouds, and sun light. Meanwhile, the black, purple and glitters represents night and stars.

Location: Xpression Master, Bukit Bintang, 4/9/2008

Left side: Day

Both side: Day and night

Done for the first part.

Part II: Fantasy
Can you see the fantasy frogs?
My happy face on graduation day! Yay! I did it!

My preparation for the final. This is actually for my fantasy make up.

Future gothic lolita..

Fantasy bride...

Hello guys! Some updates from yesterday's event, Alvin Tay Couture's Fashion Show. As one of the make up crew for the fashion show, I was assinged to assist my senior make up artist to do body painting and normal make up. Our theme is "Summer" for the avantgarde show...
p/s: Pls click the picture to enlarge.

The team for the Spring. Audrey & pip.

Taymie & Connie represents make up for Winter.

Autumn from Ling and team.

I didn't bring my camera that day. No picture of my make up. All pictures courtesy of pip.

The make up event is actually for Vogue Supermodel talent search.

Pip and her model.

I need more supra colours.

Second trial for genesis.

Theme: Genesis and Fantasy(face painting)

We were asked to create creative make up and the theme is genesis (the begining) for our final exam. Not quite sure if it will impress the principle or not. Any other ideas guys?

This after Ling corrected for me.

Woke up early in the morning to be at Capitol Hotel as promised at 8am. There were 14 of us (the make up artists) selected to go make up models for the show. Big event and big opportunity to polish and improve our make up skills. I'm excited....

One of the CREW...

I was assigned to do 3 make- ups.
(Fantasy, Apache and simple make up with red lips!)


J Rock

Group photo. Last pose before bus arrive to fetch us back to KL.

TV Commercial Shot

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My academy principle, model and I. This is during McDonalds' TV commercial shoot. (Olympic's Version)

Part V

- Diva/Dancer/Drag Queen

- Very glam make up and wig
- High eyebrow
- Strong shading

Artistry part IV

- Chinese/Beijing Opera

- 4 main roles catagories in Beijing Opera:
Male Role (Sheng)
Female Role (Dan)
Painted Face Male (Jing)
Comedy Actor or Clown (Chou)