It's look like mini gathering today. Thanks to Caron & Olivia for inviting me to be one of the make up artist to make over their client of the event. I'm excited to meet my ex-classmates i.e Connie, Mei Mei, Audrey and work together like old those times...all pro make up artists now. Proud of you guys!

Before the make up starts...

we had fun!

serious at work :P

doing the hair

group photo...from left brandon, me, connie, olivia, caron, mei mei & audrey.

More pictures in my facebook fan page.

Thank you Eda & Nizar for inviting us to be part in their lovely daughter birthday party last Saturday. Happy birthday to Sabrina...and happy birthday to me too! Here are few pictures taken from the party!

drawing the face

peace yo!
more photos in my facebook fan page.

My make up for Azwin, She got beautiful smile and very sweet girl! Congratulations to Azwin on her engagement day. :-)

awin before make up

Greetings| Salam Aidilfitri

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Wishing all my Muslim readers " Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf zahir & Batin". After a month resting in fasting month, MMA will be busy again with make up jobs and classes. See you soon!

I'm supposedly to have make up session with Sally and her sister last Sunday. Unfortunately, my car is missing. If anyone found blue Kelisa, WMR 2146...please..please do contact me! Please spread the news around...appreciate your help! Thanks.

Ladies. Finally, i decided to organize personal make up class. But I'm not teaching. :-)

You will able to learn make up application from my guest make up artist, Ayang Kamel (10 years experienced in make up services, specializing in all kind of make ups, bridal, photoshoot, etc). To see her more from him...please click here.

I'm excited and looking forward for this class and
there's only one space left for class. Hurry up...Book yourself now.

Date: 13th September
Venue: Desa Petaling
Time: 10.00am - 2.00pm

Please contact me for the for further details. TQ!

My new addiction...MAC 129 Brush. Bought this few days ago to replace my old blusher brush. From the reviews, I’ve read that the 129 brush is the best brush to apply blush with. I use this brush for first time for my blusher today...and it works wonderfully compared to the old one. MAC brushes are definitely a worthy investment and always in my wanted list. Would love to try for contouring but I think not for powdering, the brush is not big enough. This is must have make up item! go get one for yourself :-)

Make up for Majlis Bertandang. Thanks Ina & family.

Wish :: Ramadhan

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To all my Muslim readers, "SALAM RAMADHAN"....happy fasting!!


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Being a full time working woman and single, I spent almost 8 to 10 hours at work daily. I sometimes like to go socializing with friends and I like salsa very much! I loves hang out with friend and once in a while, I go for karaoke :D…Time is very precious. Usually on weekdays, if I want to socialize with friend, I much rather straight away from my office. That’s why am always make sure I bring together my make up bag.

Here are some tips for you outside just like me. I always make sure these items (make up must have) are always in my make up bag:

Concealer – to cover my tired eyes
Compact powder - Compact powder is also ideal for whole day touch ups, I loike! I usually use Shuemura compact powder.

Blush and mini brush – to cover my pale face, I love MAC blusher.

Eye shadow (black eye shadow is a must) – to give little bit dramatic look. Believe me; black smokey make up can cover up your tired eyes especially when ur are not enough sleep a day before. :P

Eye pencil - an eye pencil or kohl pencil is a must. Can give basic look and dramatic look.

Mascara - add more drama to the eyes.

Lipstick or gloss – I preferred lipgloss. Even though it not pretty much add color to my face, but this to avoid dryness of my lips. Am the make up artist who don’t like to wear any colour of lipsticks on my lips. :D you will not see me wearing lipstick.

You can either carry these make-up items with your small pouch or store them in your desk drawer if you don’t want carry them around. So before setting out on a night in the town all you have to do is whip out your make-up, just seven basic items and you are ready to look your best and have a blast.


More pictures here guys!
My latest make up of Gothic project for TTL (Through The Lens) photographer team & Dominic Song. This shoot is one of my most favorite shoots and make up to date! Ana is the model, very easy to make up, and I'm actually forgot to put make up MAC studio fix fluid very much helpful! The make up session only took half and hour...and then proceed with the photoshoot. I kinda like the location as's an old building somewhere in KL. Congrats to TTL team that are always come up with fantastic shooting idea. Keep it up guys!




By the way, here are some shots courtesy of Dominic Song. I'll upload more pictures from the team (Yon, Kamel, Biskuat, Sh
ah & Hafiz) as soon I get some pic from wait ya...

courtesy of Dom

courtesy of Dom

This month was an amazingly busy month, filled with few weddings, photo shoots, daily work, paintball games and my salsa performance class. I have lots of pics to work on and upload it here...

Mastura before and after with hubby...

My apologies for not properly update Mastura's wedding. Right after the wedding I was not well about one week, I'm tooooo tired, oh well...thanks God, I feels better now. Here some updates on wedding ceremonies. Many thanks to Mas & family...

During the akad

Congratulations, Mas - thank you for letting me share in your Big Day!!

For more pictures, please click here.

The story: Sunday morning? 8 O'clock usually I'm still on bed...but I'm soooo thrilled and excited to do creative make up. This is my first attempt to do real extreme make over for photohoot. Trying to be early as I can to meet up K3yon and the gang at TTDI...We had our breakfast at mamak and straight away to the photoshoot location. We wrapped everything at 1.30pm and had lunch at mamak again...

Here are some pictures taken by me and with a bunch of talented photographers (see their link at the bottom of my post) and the lovely model Sam. The theme of the shoot was memoirs of Geisha...

after and before the transformation...the giesha girl

This is Sam. Working with her is very easy. She had nice and smooth skin that make my job easier. I only took one hour plus to do her. I was worried with my color blending since I'm using oil based make up. But, Alhamdullilah....everything went smoothly and what a fun day this shoot was! I will upload more pix later...

Testing my photography skill....

My editing skill...

black & white mode:: Still at beginner stage...

sepia mode::my giesha girl look sad...

done by me

I will upload some behind the scenes pics later. I still waiting pictures from them, in the making of wait yeah...

Credit to these all photographers. Their work are nicely done. Thanks guys!

Check this out

Esen Online Magazine

Taking air brush make up course, is my current wish list. Another step forward to expand my make up skill and knowledge in this bussiness. Hope it's not too late to learn it. Kalau ikutkan hati...terus je nak sign up course tu...the temptation is very strong. I just need to wait for the right time, right place and right budget. Lol~ wish me luck.

So, what basically is air brush? (info from beauty blog sources)

pic courtesy of beauty blogger...

Airbrush is a new technique of applying make up to create photo finish looks. The flawless coverage and natural translucency that airbrush offers is a huge step in the evolution of make up. As the name implies, they are applied using an air brush apparatus. Airbrush makeup is makeup that has a fine pigment size that is applied with an air mechanism. Some regular makeup, like foundation, can be made to use in an airbrush machine by adding a little water to it.The brush itself sprays a fine mist onto the skin using what is called a craft tip or needle. The tip sprays a pattern two inches in diameter at about six inches from the skin.


Airbrush makeup is quite a bit more expensive than regular makeup. The price depends on whether the makeup is already premixed or needs to be manually mixed. Formulas that require the user to premix are usually less expensive.
- Easy and fastest way to apply make up
- They are waterproof, smudgeproof and non-transferable.
- It allows makeup artists to improvise new shades of foundation, blush and eye shadow.

I bought myself one of MAC's new collections (Style Warrior), the Bronzing Loose Powder, Lipstick (Spirit A98) and Skin Enhancer (yellow Base) last few weeks ago. Really love it!

I purposely bought the bronzing powder for my exotic make up look for Betty, and its look nice on her. As a make up artist, bronzer is one of must-have products in the make up kits. :)~ *I'm so tempted to shop more! *drooooling-it's a pay day!!!* MAC counters just 5 mins walking from my office...grrr!!!

I never use bronzer for myself before. I definitely will try it soon...hmmmpp...for salsa party maybe? xoxo!

The tips: I put blusher on and lightly brush over bronzer with a chunky, fat blusher brush. A good time to define the cheekbones is to put blusher under your cheekbones, so basically use the brusher to shade and contour your cheeks! Very pretty!

Read more about Bronzer or Blush here.

Got it from one of beauty blogger: Iridescent Powder/Loose - Iridescent Powder is a finely milled mixture of Mica and pigments which gives the skin a beautiful sheen. It can be used on its own or mixed into other products like foundations or moisturizers to enhance their iridescent qualities. Long-lasting and designed to apply easily and uniformly without streaking and caking, it blends beautifully and can be applied on bare skin or over foundation. Because it's so concentrated, it should be used sparingly at first. Apply Iridescent Powder with Powder/Blush Brush for the desired effect.

Here are a few shots of my creative make-up from today photoshoot. Check out for more pictures soon! My sincere thanks to the Esen team for giving me the opportunity to be part of the team!

Click the image for clearer view.

Model: Betty
Photographer: Esen Team/Awin
Make Up & Hair Styling: Awin

Behind the scene

Rockin' the jungle!

The make up artist, model and Esen Team...

Hey ya! Sorry, no pictures this time. I was alone and my make up buddy not with me...I had no time to snap-snap all my artworks to the kids! I'm having fun and thanks to Nisa and family!!! Happy Birthday to Qaim Aqeel...

Kuching Galore, 23-24 May 09

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Even though it's only short trip, I really enjoyed myself there. The day after my make up my session with the girls, we went to S'wak Cultural Village and shopping at main bazaar. Thanks to Amla and gang for giving us ride. And thanks to Zaini as well for giving us complimentary ticket to access SCV! Free of charge! Yehooo!!! Ok la...gtg..I got face painting job at Shah Alam (Nisa) at 4.30pm...chiow cincau! Take care!

Click to enlarge