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I'm little bit nervous this time actually. yeah, i can say this is my first time seriously doing make-up for this kind of ceremony. Noreen is my friend of mine she was happy with my hand work. But i need to improve more on make-up techiques, especially how to apply concealer, foundation, powder, and how to make nose shading. Ffor time being, i still don't have full collection of make-up set. But only using my daily collection make-up wear to office. The most challenging was while doing her eye brow. Susah...kening berterabur. Took me half and hour to make her eyebrow nicely. Noreen, you so sweet and beautiful. I'm wishing for your joy and happiness with your fiance. Best of luck!


  1. mimie marissa // 7 February 2009 at 2:27 PM  

    mak suke yg tukang make up 2..cun...meletopzzz..

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