Makeup Brushes

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As for a start, i need to buy my own collection of makeup brushes. I can be like a top makeup artist if I have good set of brushes, :) Hihi. Usually, poor quality blush brushes are usually too small and too coarse to enable me to properly apply makeup. So now, with limited bugdet, i better start with just three or four basic brushes, such as, powder, blush, eyeliner, eyebrow and shadow (good quality one). Then later i can add on from there. Hmmm...few options I have, either brush collection from MAC, BodyShop, Bobby Brown, or Clinique. Need to check and compare the price first.

It's important to keep the brushes clean from dirt and bacteria. Berus yang tak dijaga mmg senang kotor...lagi kalau biarkan dia terdedah without proper care. Sometimes ada juga mempunyai kulit muka yang sensitif, takut nanti timbul masalah lain pulak. Like myself, i do have sensitive skin. I need to frequently wash my makeup brushes and keep it clean. How to clean makeup brushes. Here are the the tips, wash your brushes regularly with a mild shampoo and warm water. Gently stroke the brushes in one direction to remove dirt and make-up, and then lay out on a towel to dry :)