Oh my dear Queen,

Terlalu penat, tak sempat nak update. Trip ke sana, ke sini...badan pun letih. Well, my make up class become more exciting. Dah cukup confident to apply make up to my classmates. And my feedback from the teacher..."not to bad, can be inproved"! :)

Last week, mei ling showed us how to draw eyeliner. Starting with straight eyeliner on top of the eye color, the liner can be extended to different kind of liners.

  • Natural Liner
  • Fashion Liner /Fashion Cat
  • Glamour Liner /Glamour Cat - very dramatic one.
Biasa lah, new thing yang kita tak pernah buat, mesti tak menjadi. Nak kena pandai cara yang betul nak pegang brush and how gently move the brush to the eye.