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Hye...long time since my last update. Not much to write here because i can't get full access of the blog. My progress of make up class going well...Alhamdulilah. I can do full make up now (Day and Night make up), but still haven't learn how to do face and nose shading. Maybe it can be learnt in a month later. I can blend the foundation well based on skin color of the model and completely know how to put false eyelashes and how to blend eye color. The full make up (corrective)includes all steps starting with make up base, concealer, foundation, loose powder, eye colors, false lashes, eye liner, mascara, drop shadow, blusher, lip liner and last but not least...lip color. All these have to be matched each other to make the make up the model look nice and beautiful. :) A lots of thing needs to be updated, but i have not much time to spend time here blogging. Will update soon. Bye.


p/s: I wanna put some pictures! Ergh, can`t upload it now.