Im so sick. I can't sleep last night and i think I got diarrhea today. Penatnya. I have butterflies in my stomach until the exam coming. We gonna have our first assessment on March. I'm fine with corrective make up...but for the creative evening, I'm little bit scared. The theme is Under The Sea. Sigh. What I'm suppose to draw?????? Nemo? Coral? Shark? Oh noooooo!!! I can't close my eyes and sleep tho...pls help me!!! Idea...idea...idea...
Yesterday at class...I'm totally blurr...don't know what to do. 10 minutes before my turn to draw Connie, one of the pictures in Pip's marine life magazine captured my eyes and am decided to draw Sotong :P why? Because it has less colour and am so lazy to blend all the colours...only purple, brown and white. Easy rite.

This is the sotong that inspired me.

The result? This one is before teacher correct it.

After....Sebijik sotong...:P