This is Jeamie. I think I did mention her on my previous post. She's one of my classmates, and we were paired together yesterday. My make up was done by her and I did on her.
Oh…I was so difficult to do her. She got puffy eyes and very fair skin. So, my work to make her eyes beautiful and to correct the eyes. :)
I use purple color as a medium tone and dark brown for the dark tone. Dark brown and black is always hard to blend and has to control the brush to avoid patchiness under the eyes. If not the make up will look dirty not nice to see. Be carefull yah!
For the shading, we use the Japanese shading which is only both side of the nose, from the eye brows and stop not lower than the eyes level. The combination of colors (eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick) have to be matched together. As for the eyes, I use half moon and bring the dark tone a bit higher so that when she close her eyes, we still can see the dark tone. I've tried to use 1-2-3, but I make her eyes more droopy. So this time I decided to try half moon style. Mei Ling said, "well done" and she likes the eyebrows tooo... :)