How to do men's make up

  • Do not remove character
  • Do not make him look pretty
  • Do not overdo the cover up
  • Create stain base
  • Mix foundation with moisturizer (for dry skin)
  • Use mascara to hold brow
  • If need to trim the eyebrow, ASK FOR PERMISSION
  • Lightly stain lip, no gloss
  • Apply blusher if needed (peach colour/or can use shading colour)

Besides, I've also learnt how to make up for Black and White photography. The requirements as follow:

  1. Matte look - no shine
  2. Test shots
  3. Stay away from peaches colour, it will not show
  4. Only highlight and shadow
  5. Use bright red if you want lips to trun black
  6. No blusher
  7. Do not wear white (the model)

See the results:

Model-Elaine (make up by Mei Ling, the teacher)
Model-Pip (make up by myself)