100% Full Corrective Make Up

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Photo courtesy of I dont know who. :)

This week, I'm practising 100% full corrective make up at the academy. Full shading, correct foundation colours, and the position of eyebrows, eyecolours, blusher, etc need to be balanced and perfect. (Deng! It's hard!) The techniques of concealing the most extreme flaws, i.e pimples, scars, severe skin damage, dark circles, etc is very crutial in making perfect face. Hmmm..I don't have full collection of camouflage creams in my make up bag (Deng again!) to cover all those flaws. Means...I need to go shopping larrr! I think I'm gonna try those creams from Make Up For Ever and see how it goes.

My wew addition, MAC Full Lash Curler. Bought it last few days. I love this. The curvature is perfect for my eyes and it curls wonderfully, it's works! Oh, btw...you can use the back of a tea spoon to curl your lashes and it will look more natural than lash curler . Sound wierd, but it's really works!

Photo courtesy of MAC.

My lesson of Japanese magic make up still not ended yet. I missed 2 classes last week. Hopefully Caron (teacher) can replace the class tomorrow.

I will post all my make up pictures in class later. Too sleepy to upload those pictures. Another hectic day tomorrow...Good night! Have a good weekend yo!