YES! My very busy weekend! Of course make up job will be my first priority! These all are my lil sisters from gombak, daniey, atul, ina and aimi. They are attending pre-graduation dinner and wanted me to do the make up. I was late to do make up for 4 person, I have to finish it within 2 hours! (thanks to pain killer! my back hurts so much). Early in the morning, woke up and get ready to do make up for my portfolio at the academy. Wait for the portfolio pictures soon! I'll upload it once I get it the copy. These are the girls! Too happy and excited to attend thier dinner with glam make up done by me! (of course!! xoxo)

My sweet daniey! Expecting first child in this year. Seri ibu mengadung!

Aimi...The gorgeous one! Very easy to make up and it's only took 25 minutes to complete her! Fuhhh!

Make up for my lil sister...Very challenging! Big eyes! And she wants smokey make up! There you go...
The silent Atul...Shy,pretty and sweet girl!

Girls, hope you enjoy your dinner! Feel free to contact if you need me again! Chiow!

P/s: All pictures taken are using different cameras with different setting...


  1. daniey // 16 March 2009 at 10:44 PM  

    tq for da make up...terasa diriku begitu anggun!!!