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Being a full time working woman and single, I spent almost 8 to 10 hours at work daily. I sometimes like to go socializing with friends and I like salsa very much! I loves hang out with friend and once in a while, I go for karaoke :D…Time is very precious. Usually on weekdays, if I want to socialize with friend, I much rather straight away from my office. That’s why am always make sure I bring together my make up bag.

Here are some tips for you outside just like me. I always make sure these items (make up must have) are always in my make up bag:

Concealer – to cover my tired eyes
Compact powder - Compact powder is also ideal for whole day touch ups, I loike! I usually use Shuemura compact powder.

Blush and mini brush – to cover my pale face, I love MAC blusher.

Eye shadow (black eye shadow is a must) – to give little bit dramatic look. Believe me; black smokey make up can cover up your tired eyes especially when ur are not enough sleep a day before. :P

Eye pencil - an eye pencil or kohl pencil is a must. Can give basic look and dramatic look.

Mascara - add more drama to the eyes.

Lipstick or gloss – I preferred lipgloss. Even though it not pretty much add color to my face, but this to avoid dryness of my lips. Am the make up artist who don’t like to wear any colour of lipsticks on my lips. :D you will not see me wearing lipstick.

You can either carry these make-up items with your small pouch or store them in your desk drawer if you don’t want carry them around. So before setting out on a night in the town all you have to do is whip out your make-up, just seven basic items and you are ready to look your best and have a blast.


  1. Dancing Pena // 20 August 2009 at 12:25 PM your posts and..rase seronok sebab ade someone yang finally shares her expertise in make-up.
    Just need to know whether you'll be featuring mineral base make-up soon.

  2. Mazuien Ibrahim // 22 August 2009 at 2:31 PM  

    hello there,

    tq for visiting my blog.

    yerp, soon probably...for now, time is very limited due to work commitment...Bz je memanjang~