Honestly, I'm not that experienced enough in organizing any events before. But when it comes anything about make up, especially in handling make up class, I'm so excited to meet people! I don't want make it this class too formal (which i hate it), I wanna fun! fun! fun! Thank God, AyangKamell agreed to be my guest make up artist as make up instructor for second time. Fuuh~~ It was great experience to work with pro-make up artist, pro-photographer and all the participants. Trying my best to make this class as fun as I can...the most fun make up class party with Green Theme ever!!! Oh yeah, my ladies...please don't leave the the knowledge behind, grab & learn, practice, practice & practice...

Oh my...I've been busy with my daily job, at the same time busy planning and searching for better place to organize class. I found and think this studio will end my searching. Perfect place for me!

Frustration comes a week before the course. Few people last minutes canceled their participation. But I managed to get the replacement. Yehooo!!! Hip hip hurray:-) and make it 10 back!!!
Thank you so much to my main sponsor, my dear Clarence a.k.a my salsa mate, for the goodies!!! SIMPLE>Cleansing Facial Wipes: No1. UK Cleanser Brand- Appreciate & like it so much!!!!

Been looking for certificate paper, the design, there you go...printing has been done and ready!!! I'm so excited yo!
My happy face!!! Everything went smoothly...
and yes...(read more...)

I cook for them and ordered the best satey in town (Zaini's Satey). Went shopping after work and preparing all the ingredients day before and make sure everything in order.

and the class starts...ice breaking session...look, all my girls comes in GREEN! lol~
demonstration...and I'm busy snapping pictures!

Finally, group photo. Thank you all for your support...till we meet again next time. Credit to Photo Signature for the lovely studio & group photo! Thank you guys, thank you for coming!~

Love, your party planner;


  1. ::nadya:: // 27 April 2010 at 8:33 AM  

    awin....u r the best organizer!!!!