how to shape the eyebrow

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Dear Queen,

I'm too impassioned to start my lesson. In the beginning of the class, we were introduced by our teacher and the rest of the class. I got my own make up set. Yahoo!

My brand new make up set

Basic knowlegde of the Brushes
-Eyelash comb
-Spiral brush- to comb the eyebrow and lighten eyebrow color
-Smudger – to make the make up softer
-Sponge applicator – will pick up
-The eyeliner – will give more define line
-Lip brush
-The contour brush – for very small are (under eye)
-Eye shadow brush
-Fan brush – to remove access powder
-Powder brush

Basic Skin Care

There are several types of skin. They are normally:

  • Oily Skin - How to recognize? Open pores and pimples (yeah, it's me!) - shud use the oil free and alcohol product
  • Dry - Dry will be having problem like wrinkles - use creamy product
  • Combination - T-Zone Oily - use milky product
  • Sensitive - Redness - shud use medicated product
  • Normal - Baby skin, very smooth

3 Steps that you cannot skip:

  1. Clean
  2. Tone - to double clean your face
  3. Moisturizer - to lock your face from dry up
  4. Additional = sunblock - can use SPF 15 up to 35 (depend)

Interesting part:

  • Make Up Base - to prepare the skin before make up. They usually come in Purple (add glow and make skin more gradient), Green (can control redness especially for sensitive skin) and Skin Color (yellow and blue, lasting make up).
  • Foundation - liquid (don't cover very much-little coverage), cream (better, recommended for daily use), stick (the best/bery smooth but can cause skin very dry. Ok for stage performance)
  • Concealer - Liquid and cream (can be blended together) and stick
  • -note:always use light color first, easy to blend
  • Loose powder/Comoact powder - to set the foundation, loose more lighter than compact powder.

*note: Under tone colors (for asian skin) is Yellow under tone.
Today, we've learned how to shape our eyebrow. Uhh...mine...horrible! More practice next time!

First line is starting point, followed by arch point and ending point. But always remember to start at the arch point using the eyebrow pencil...(the most difficult part to do...better go to Bangsar and ask the Minachi to it for you, hehe)