Dear Queen,

Muka tak siap..

Today I've learned how to mix the foundation and to apply eye shadow. How to test the foundations color is suitable for our skin? The tips, test it at your jaw line...if it is match with your neck tone, then can proceed. The cream and liquid can be mixed together. Use the triangle sponge to apply make up base (long area) and foundation (short area). The direction when applying make up base and foundation from the sponge, it shud from up and down, from left to the right.

Next, apply the concealer using the brush. Put it into side of the nose & lips, then below the eye. Blend it together and last should be below eye area. And remember always tap and do it gently.

Apply the foundation using the short area of the sponge. note: if the concealer very light underneath the eye, can blend it with fondation (little bit dark)

Use the loose powder underneath the eye and roll in the powder gently. Remove access powder with powder brush. note: to check whether the powder is enough or not, there is no shine area. If yes, add the powder. Next, the eyebrow. Start at the arch area.

The EyeShadow.

Basically, there were 3 primary colors.

  • Blue [secondary color-Blue+Red=Purple]
  • Yellow [secondary color-Red+Yellow=Orange]
  • Red [secondary color- Yellow+Blue=Green]

Secondary color mixed with any 2 primary colors.

note: For the eye color, minimum can apply is 3 colors

  • First color - highlight (the lightest, apply it below the eyebrow to make the area bigger)
  • Second color - Medium tone (darker than highlight color, to create the contour)
  • Third color - Dark tone (must be darker than medium)

note: there were 3 types of eyeshadow which are, 1-2 step, 1-2-3 step, and half moon ( i like the half moon, will draw the pix next time)

tips: Use big brush to apply highlight, followed by small brush for medium and smalller for dark tone. Always flat the brush to make sure we can cover all the surface.