Oooh....Now i know what's japanese magic make up is all about. At first, I thought it was Geisha make up!

Nah! Not this Geisha...
Actually kan, we can create many different looks/make up with Japanese magic make up from one make up. It's all about techniques! For example, what they tought us yesterday, we have to create two different looks at the same time to see the result between the soft and sharp look.

For the soft look the number from 1 to 5 all need to be rounded and soft. The shape/arch of the eyebrow has to be rounded as well. The eye colour position is also important. Same goes to blusher and lips. Round and soft. More approachable rite? :) For the sharp look, the face will look like more fear and everything must be sharp. The arch (#5) of the brow, eye color postion (#6), blusher (#7) and lips (#8). The character is woman leader or CEO maybe?