I bought myself one of MAC's new collections (Style Warrior), the Bronzing Loose Powder, Lipstick (Spirit A98) and Skin Enhancer (yellow Base) last few weeks ago. Really love it!

I purposely bought the bronzing powder for my exotic make up look for Betty, and its look nice on her. As a make up artist, bronzer is one of must-have products in the make up kits. :)~ *I'm so tempted to shop more! *drooooling-it's a pay day!!!* MAC counters just 5 mins walking from my office...grrr!!!

I never use bronzer for myself before. I definitely will try it soon...hmmmpp...for salsa party maybe? xoxo!

The tips: I put blusher on and lightly brush over bronzer with a chunky, fat blusher brush. A good time to define the cheekbones is to put blusher under your cheekbones, so basically use the brusher to shade and contour your cheeks! Very pretty!

Read more about Bronzer or Blush here.

Got it from one of beauty blogger: Iridescent Powder/Loose - Iridescent Powder is a finely milled mixture of Mica and pigments which gives the skin a beautiful sheen. It can be used on its own or mixed into other products like foundations or moisturizers to enhance their iridescent qualities. Long-lasting and designed to apply easily and uniformly without streaking and caking, it blends beautifully and can be applied on bare skin or over foundation. Because it's so concentrated, it should be used sparingly at first. Apply Iridescent Powder with Powder/Blush Brush for the desired effect.