Taking air brush make up course, is my current wish list. Another step forward to expand my make up skill and knowledge in this bussiness. Hope it's not too late to learn it. Kalau ikutkan hati...terus je nak sign up course tu...the temptation is very strong. I just need to wait for the right time, right place and right budget. Lol~ wish me luck.

So, what basically is air brush? (info from beauty blog sources)

pic courtesy of beauty blogger...

Airbrush is a new technique of applying make up to create photo finish looks. The flawless coverage and natural translucency that airbrush offers is a huge step in the evolution of make up. As the name implies, they are applied using an air brush apparatus. Airbrush makeup is makeup that has a fine pigment size that is applied with an air mechanism. Some regular makeup, like foundation, can be made to use in an airbrush machine by adding a little water to it.The brush itself sprays a fine mist onto the skin using what is called a craft tip or needle. The tip sprays a pattern two inches in diameter at about six inches from the skin.


Airbrush makeup is quite a bit more expensive than regular makeup. The price depends on whether the makeup is already premixed or needs to be manually mixed. Formulas that require the user to premix are usually less expensive.
- Easy and fastest way to apply make up
- They are waterproof, smudgeproof and non-transferable.
- It allows makeup artists to improvise new shades of foundation, blush and eye shadow.